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Print Shop Pro® is a comprehensive in-plant  print shop management (Print MIS) and Web-to-Print (W2P) software solution that helps reduce costs, automates time consuming processes and enhances customer satisfaction by providing easy online ordering, automated estimating, workflow management, job tracking and one-click chargebacks—all at a price you can afford. It couldn’t be easier!

Whether you have a small volume print shop or are producing thousands of jobs per month for multiple facilities, Print Shop Pro® (PSP) will meet your needs both functionally and financially.


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Easy  to Implement

Quickly automate your shop

Print Shop Pro® can be up and running in as little as 3 months.

Easy to Use

Everyday processes are a breeze

Customers can easily submit print orders online in just a few clicks. And, print shop staff can easily track and manage daily production.

Easy to Afford

Fits into your budget

Print Shop Pro® is not cluttered with expensive features geared for commercial operations, making it affordable for in-plant print shops and copy centers.

Security and Accessibility

edu is proud to provide simple and reliable software solutions that protect against ever evolving cyber threats. 

Our solutions are also built with the latest ADA accessibility standards in mind to ensure a positive and robust experience for all users.

Print Management and W2P software designed exclusively for in-plant print shops and copy centers.

The true testament of a great software solution is that it be able to maintain it’s ease of use, while still being feature rich. While Print Shop Pro® is easy to implement and easy to use, it is a robust and full featured software solution designed to handle every aspect of an in-plant print shop operation. It addresses the entire workflow process from online job submission through fulfillment and is proven to help increase productivity, automate processes and improve customer satisfaction.

Increase Productivity

Real Time Dashboard

Become instantly aware of the current state of your operation. View counts of existing orders by current status with the ability to click through to view more detail.

Online Order Approval

Allow department managers to go online and approve orders and submit them to the print shop. Reports are available by budget code for managers to ensure that budgets are not exceeded.

Comprehensive Print Shop Auditing

Pull reports to evaluate equipment productivity and profitability. Identify bottlenecks and maximize production. Use reports to track sales, inventory and take the guess work out of new equipment purchases.

Customizable Homepage

Establish an interactive webpage to educate customers on your full suite of services. Display advertisements and drive customers to your most profitable services. Embed video and web links for virtual tours of your print shop or for educational resources.

Automate Processes

Online Ordering

Let your print shop customers place orders, receive instant job quotes and check real-time job status online. Save valuable time by enabling your customers to place and manage their own orders.

Easy Reprints

Customers will enjoy the ability to easily access their order history and order reprints on demand in just a few simple clicks.

Instant Quotes

Utilize pick-lists of customers, papers and equipment to make entering new orders fast
and simple. Email quotes to customers instantly.

Automatic Chargebacks

Recapture wasted time. Comprehensive month-end reports can be easily created and delivered or exported to accounting.


Track Inventory

Allows you to track all inventory and measure shrinkage and spoilage with built-in alerts to prompt you to re-order when inventory levels have fallen below minimum levels.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Online Job Status

Print shop customers can check real-time status of jobs and orders online reducing calls to the print shop.

Accurate Scheduling

Provide accurate forecasts of job completion based upon actual availability of presses, copiers, collators, staff and other printing resources.

Improved Communication

Integrated email and template tools support automated email messages being sent to customers, including attachments and/or links to documents for review and approval. Email templates can be configured to be sent automatically when an order is assigned a specific status.

Online Store Catalog

Customers can access an online store that displays and prices products appropriately by department. Forms, reams of paper and pick, pack & ship items may be automatically linked to the print shop stock inventory.

Many in-plant print shop managers are also responsible for managing graphic design services and bulk mail requests. To learn about our solutions for automating the submission, management and fulfillment of graphic design and/or bulk mail orders check out Print Shop Pro® Mail or Graphic Design Manager.

PSP Mail

Automate Bulk Mailing Processes

  • Easy online request form for mail services
  • Dashboard for easy tracking of mail service request
  • Comprehensive billing and production reports

PSP Graphic Design Manager

Automate the submission, management and fulfillment of graphic design orders

  • Easy online ordering tools for graphic design services
  • Dashboard to track and manage order status for jobs in production
  • Workflow tools for automatic chargebacks
  • Automate the approval workflow of design requests

Known by the Company We Keep

Hundreds of organizations around the country are using Print Shop Pro® to manage their in-plant print shop operations. Here are just a few…

PSP also has a full suite of modules that will enable you to manage more of your operation and provide your customers with more functionality than any other solution on the market.

Visit our Modules page to see how you can integrate PSP with your network directory, accept credit card payments, match PSP to your organization’s website, manage your copier fleet and more.

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Download a PSP fact sheet to share.

Print Shop Pro® is a product and registered trademark of edu Business Solutions.

We are an award winning San Diego based software company that develops simple and reliable software solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our customers include many of the nation’s most renowned organizations including colleges and universities, school districts, departments of transportation, cities, counties, medical centers, port authorities, insurance companies, non-profits and major corporations.

Our focus since our inception in early 2002 has been to help companies maximize their resources by using our simple and reliable software solutions. We are dedicated to providing solutions that increase productivity, automate processes, ensure compliance, reduce costsimprove customer service and protect your brand.

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San Diego, California 92123

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