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Smart Track Pro™ is a web-based package tracking software system.

Campus mailrooms receive hundreds, if not thousands, of packages and pieces of mail every day for students, on and off-campus residents, faculty and staff. Receiving, sorting, logging, notifying recipients and delivering these items can become overwhelming. Smart Track Pro™ (STP) is package tracking software which can streamline this entire process and help make your campus mailroom more organized and manageable.

STP is designed specifically to meet the needs of the busy campus mailroom and can be fully operational in just a few days. Our package tracking software enables you to easily automate and manage the process of receiving, processing and delivering of packages and mail. It provides complete “chain of custody” accountability from the time a package is received at the campus mailroom until it is signed for at its final destination.

Enjoy complete visibility into your entire campus mailroom operation.

Because Smart Track Pro™ is a mobile solution, you are only a click away from knowing exactly what packages you have at any time.

Easy to Use

STP can be accessed through Chrome, Firefox or IE browsers on your computer or mobile device. Simply scan packages in and out using your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. Or use an attached bar code scanner at your PC or Mac to receive and check out packages.

Directory Integration

Quick lookup of students, faculty and staff allows you to swiftly receive packages, print internal delivery labels and automatically notify recipients via email or text message that they have a package. It couldn’t be easier.

Chain-of-Custody Tracking

With STP, you will have detailed information about each and every package and can quickly see if it was picked up, delivered or is being held. You can also capture photos during delivery to clarify delivery location and show package condition.

Detailed Reporting

Generate activity reports by packages received, delivered or held by week, month or year. Or show how long it takes for a package to be picked up or delivered.

Smart Locker Integration

STP integrates seamlessly with smart lockers helping to reduce long lines in the mailroom and providing comprehensive reporting and tracking of ALL items received, whether held for pick up, delivered or assigned to smart locker banks.

Download an STP Factsheet here

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