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Our Seasonal Training Series is a great way to increase your proficiency with PSP. Join the community of PSP Users and participate in online training to master PSP system administration and management and improve your in-plant print operations.

Training participants will enjoy the opportunity to network with  other PSP Users, learn tips, tricks and system shortcuts, ask questions directly to the edu Customer Support and Development Teams, submit enhancement ideas, participate in live Q&A and become a PSP Guru!

Seasonal online trainings are offered at no cost to all PSP customers. Requests for specific training topics can be made directly to edu Support via the “Request Support” link in your PSP website.

Check out the session schedule and register using the buttons below

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PSP Back to the Basics Training

Tues., Jul. 19, 10 – 11a PDT

Join this session if you are in the process of implementing PSP or you need to refresh yourself on the following configuration basics in order to update your PSP site.

Learn tips for:

  • Searching the PSP Online Knowledge Base
  • Submitting Support Requests
  • Exporting Orders by Status
  • Updating multiple account numbers simultaneously
  • Reviewing sales reports of monthly orders
  • Creating order category groups
  • Configuring inventory press assignments
  • Configuring labels
  • Editing paper stock style
  • Configuring bleed options for an order category
  • Preventing customer(s) from viewing file attachments
  • Eliminating old notes from a cloned print order
  • Adding status date to print order search list
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PSP New Features Implementation

Tues., Jul. 26, 10 – 11a PDT

Join this session to learn how to implement new features available in PSP V.17.0.3 into your operation

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Annual User Group Meeting

Join dozens of in-plant printers from around the country and master PSP system administration and management. Attend the annual PSP User Group meeting virtually in Spring and enjoy networking with peers and honing your skills with PSP.

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