edu is proud to provide simple and reliable software solutions that protect against ever evolving cyber threats and that fully comply with ADA standards of accessibility to ensure a positive and robust experience for all users.

Cyber Security

In this era of ever increasing and diverse cyber threats, it is crucial that software providers maintain up-to-date security audits, disaster recovery plans and data security protocols to not only detect security breaches, but prevent cyber attacks from occurring.  We partner with top network security experts to employ continuous traffic monitoring, perimeter intrusion detection monitoring, malware detection, cloud server redundancies, disaster recovery audits and data protection procedures that ensure the security of our software products in today’s hostile environment.  

ADA Accessibility

Individuals with disabilities depend on software developers to provide software products that facilitate usability and that work well with the latest assistive technologies.  Top tier software products will meet essential components of web accessibility standards and comply with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) – four key principles (Software functions are perceivable, operable, understandable and robust for all users). 

PSP Webdesk V17 excels at meeting WCAG guidelines and has been carefully audited and enhanced to comply with Section 508 standards with a view toward a positive user experience for all users, including our users with disabilities.

A fully automated print MIS and web-to-print software solution designed to help in-plant print shops and copy centers manage daily print operations.


  • Reduce Costs
  • Improve Productivity
  • Enhance Customer Service

Print Shop Pro® is a product and registered trademark of edu Business Solutions.

We are an award winning San Diego based software company that develops simple and reliable software solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our customers include many of the nation’s most renowned organizations including colleges and universities, school districts, departments of transportation, cities, counties, medical centers, port authorities, insurance companies, non-profits and major corporations.

Our focus since our inception in early 2002 has been to help companies maximize their resources by using our simple and reliable software solutions. We are dedicated to providing solutions that increase productivity, automate processes, ensure compliance, reduce costsimprove customer service and protect your brand.

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