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“The digital part of our operation was a breeze to set up and runs very efficiently.  The offset side required more configuration but, now that it is set up, even complex orders are easy to enter into the system.”

Paul Jones

Director of Printing Services – Ashland University – Ohio

“We purchased a print shop management system to save time and increase efficiency.  We purchased Print Shop Pro® because it was designed for in-plant print shops.  We didn’t have to try and fool a program designed for a commercial organization into working within a non-profit organization.”

Rex Dietrich

Printing Manager – Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

“Print Shop Pro® is part of the fabric of our organization.  We couldn’t function without it.”

Tom Frazier

Printing Services Director – Western Carolina University

“Here at Texas State University we went live with Print Shop Pro® in September 2015. Before that, we used an Access Database developed about 15 years ago.  We would get an order from an email or paper request and have to transfer it into the Access Data base.  It worked but was archaic.  With PSP, there isn’t a need for transposing. Print Shop Pro® is state of the art.  It looks good to the customer and is much more user friendly.”

Jim Dorsey

Manager of Mail & Print Services – Texas State University

“Parkland College started using PSP in the summer of 2014 after using a different print web submission for many years.  PSP has been a wonderful improvement.  PSP allows for many different options of categories.  PSP has streamlined our chargeback system with a few simple clicks.  We have received over 30,000 jobs on PSP.  Parkland has used the store option and placed over 300 products that can be placed with a couple clicks.  This is very easy for repeat orders.”

Dave Weckhorst

Print Shop Manager – Parkland College

“Since the installation of Print Shop Pro® in September 2015, more than 98% of all jobs submitted have been through our PSP website. The incredible amount of time saved enables us to focus more on printing & bindery operations instead of writing up estimates and job tickets. This in turn allows us to offer much quicker turnarounds than we could have ever offered before. We’ve also customized the mass JV feed report for chargebacks, and it’s automatically sent every Monday morning at 6:00 a.m. for billing of the work done the prior week. Even the automated emails during different stages of each job streamlines the process further. I’d estimate that Print Shop Pro® has saved us more than 1,000 man-hours in the last year alone. It was the perfect solution for our needs here at Southern Oregon University Print & Copy Services.”

John Silverman

Manager of Printing & Copy Services – Southern Oregon University

“It used to take all day for us to do our billing and it was all done by hand. With PSP it is literally just the click of the mouse and billing is done! I am able to run reports on every aspect of our shop, allowing us to adjust prices, monitor productivity and monitor each piece of equipment. Introducing Webdesk was so easy, and our customers love all of the features from inputting jobs to tracking the production of their job and their job history. It is very user friendly.  I can think of a zillion other reasons we love PSP!”

Jimmy Robinson

Director of Printing – University of West Alabama

“As a MIS, Print Shop Pro Webdesk and Manager has enabled our operation to become 100% web submission. I utilize most of the features of PSP, from inventory to invoicing, and have seen the firsthand how PSP has evolved over 10 years into a robust MIS for inplant printers. Simply said, we could not do business without it, and appreciate the one-on-one technical support we receive. If you are an inplant with toner-based resources and want to update or enter into web submission, you cannot do better than PSP Webdesk and Manager.”

Gordon Rivera

Print Shop Manager – Allan Hancock College

“Grand Rapids Community College has been using Print Shop Pro® going on six years now and the continual upgrades based on feed back by all users has made this product an asset for customer and business processes. We recently implemented the Design Conductor™ and the ease of use for our customers to create their own products based on branded templates is a time saving solution for both customer and the design team. If you want to be a valuable asset to the future of edu’s products then the user group conference is a great way to learn more while providing input for future upgrades. edu is a company that really does listen to their customers.”

Danelle Sedore

Director – Grand Rapids Community College

“Print Shop Pro has cut our billing time by 60%”

Betty Ince

Manager – University of Texas Medical Branch

“I had to share this with you.  I just did my quarterly billing in 7 minutes, not 5 days!!!  Implementing Print Shop Pro® is the best thing we’ve ever done.  We love it!

Barry Haney

Manager – SUNY-Oneonta

“Print Shop Pro® has made job submission an extremely easy function for our entire organization both on and off campus, and the month end billing is created for accounting by Print Shop Pro® Manager in minutes instead of hours. Everyone’s happy.”

Jay Zink

Copy Services Manager – Grand Valley State University

“The initial implementation and roll out of Print Shop Pro® went very smoothly. The city’s IT people were impressed with the ease of installation and how well the process was organized, noting that goals and objectives were identified and everything was laid out to go smoothly.”

Gerry Pinela

Supervisor – City of Torrance

“Just wanted to say….. I love this upgrade!!!”

Dawn Keyes

Graphics Assistant – Ventura County Office Of Education

“For the price and the feature set it’s a no-brainer.  Print Shop Pro® has enhanced our productivity in the department, given us the ability to get to current and past information in a short period of time, and the accuracy in the billing system is tremendous.  The time savings for us equates to time the staff can spend doing other things and staff we don’t have to hire even though we are growing and have taken on 5 more schools on top of our existing 45.”

Patrick Farrell

Publications Supervisor – Chula Vista Elementary School District

“Billing is simple!”

Carolyn Ricks

Manager – Suffolk City Public Schools

“edu’s willingness and commitment to continually upgrade and enhance Print Shop Pro® has been constant over the years the district has been a customer.”

Doug Darling

Production Manager Print and Design Services – Springfield Public Schools

“After 7 years, I’m still very happy with both the product and edu’s service.”

John Heiser

Director of Graphic Design & Printing Services – Hudson Valley Community College

“Print Shop Pro® is very user friendly and geared toward the in-plant print office… it’s been a good fit for us!”

Poppy Forbes

Print Shop Manager – Boulder County

We are very happy with the latest upgrade of Print Shop Pro®. It is so much faster, and all our customers really love it.”

Mark Wagner

Manager – Sierra College

The training team was excellent and made it very easy for our customer service personnel to learn the new program.  The technician’s willingness to listen and answer all of our questions and the openness to make changes to fit our specific needs was very impressive.”

Mike Alred

University of Wisconsin Eau Claire

“Our print shop was able to remain 100% productive during the installation and implementation process.  We started logging in jobs the first day it was installed.”

Brad Cralle

Washoe County School District

The annual savings to our department alone amounts to 15 – 20 thousand dollars, but overall our University has saved 50 thousand dollars (and that could be conservative.)”

Max Sorensen


“There are two things I really like about edu….their quick response and great customer service; and they keep improving the product!

Sean Markum

Print Shop Networking – Community College

“Print Shop Pro® has streamlined our processes and made the entire operation of our in-plant run efficiently! Everything from placing an order to the approval process, printing the job and back charging the accounts is so smooth. Extremely happy with PSP and all it offers!

Jake McDonald

Alpine School District

“The hands-on approach by edu staff really makes a difference from start to implementation. The ongoing support is phenomenal. Wish we would have purchased this software a long time ago.”

Wade Gann

Print Shop Manager – City of Colorado Springs

“Print Shop Pro® is a great way to manage and run your in-house print business. The team at edu is very informative, accommodating, and continually working to update the software based on what we, the customer, need to run our print shops. “

Danelle Sedore

Director GRCCePrint – Grand Rapids Community College

“PSP makes life so much easier! No more manually entering work orders, just a nice, simple way to see jobs coming in. Being able to easily automate billing has also made life much easier, and what once took hours to complete now takes less than 15 minutes!”

Kevin Lowe

Print Operations Manager – San Jose State University

“The reporting and chargeback process is worth its weight in gold!  With the current budget crisis in our field, retirements and job switches are constantly occurring. The ability to reassign the old orders to new personnel, and include calculations with current pricing, is invaluable to their sanity and mine.”

Dottie Waters
Print Operator – Berks County Intermediate Unit

“I have been a customer since 2008 and continue to feel this is the most customer-centric company I work with, hands down. edu continually takes customer feedback and enhances the software to best meet the needs of our businesses! Highly Recommend!”

Tammy Slone
Manager of Postal & Print Services – Cedarville University

“Print Shop Pro® is just what I’ve always wanted for our shop! The fact that it works with our 22-digit budget codes was a key consideration in selecting the Print Shop Pro® system.”

Mary Bocchietti
Print Shop Manager – Pueblo City Schools

“Print Shop Pro® is an out-of-the box software solution that fully meets the needs of an in-plant shop in an educational or government setting.”

Kristen Kenton
Supervisor of Repro – Los Angeles County Office of Education

“I have gotten extremely positive feedback from customers, many saying “I love this!”  Customers especially like the email confirmation that lets them know their print requests have been received, and the automated email notification when their jobs are completed.”

Gayle Robinson
Print Shop Production Manager – Tanner Health System

“Our workflow is streamlined tremendously, our turnaround time is faster and our service to customers is better.”

Pam Hazellief
Publications and Print Shop Manager – St. Lucie Public Schools

“edu doesn’t nickel and dime you and they are willing to make the system meet the needs of their customers.”

John Wesseling
Print Shop Director – University of Cincinnati

“The customer service response from edu is excellent.  I submit a ticket and get a response within a few hours at the most.  And I’ve been really impressed with their ability to continue to develop the product and keep up with technology.”

John Gildner
Manager of Graphic Services – Desert Sands Unified School District

“I have used Print Shop Pro® for over 7 years and it works great for us.  Having the owners “hands on” in the company is excellent for the Users!”

Peggy Larson
Customer Service Associate – University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

“Print Shop Pro® is an invaluable tool for in-plants.  The reporting tool and the information that can be extracted is a priceless feature for our department.”

Candida Bothel-Hammond
Print Shop Manager – San Diego County Office of Education

“edu Business Solutions has proven to be one of the most outstanding vendors we work with at DMBA.  They foster a culture of excellence in customer service by treating their customers with kindness and respect, listening and responding to concerns and challenges, and quickly addressing technical and training issues.  In short; they make you feel like you are a part of their team.  Thank you edu Business Solutions!”

Mike O’Hara
Manager of Central Services – Deseret Mutual Benefit Administrators


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