Streamline bulk mail processes. Save time and money.

Print Shop Pro® Mail provides the same operational efficiency in your mass mail operation that it does in the print operation. It is an easy-to-use mail management software that can save you time and money by helping to streamline your entire bulk mailing processes.

Easy online mail management software includes a request form for mail services including Mail Method, Mail Interval, Envelope Type and Instructions for Unused stock
Mail management software includes Billing and Productivity reports by Account Number, Service Type and Site/Department

Ability to link mailing request to multiple Print Shop Pro® print orders

Convenient uploading of post office statement for customer visibility included in mail management software
Billing Export of completed orders for convenient and automated chargeback in mail management software
Dashboard for easy tracking of mail management software’s service requests by Job Status
Ability to configure drop down list values in mail management software, including Statuses, Mailing Methods, Envelope Type, and Mailing Insert Items Types
Easy uploading of mail list

And, Print Shop Pro® Mail integrates seamlessly with Print Shop Pro® Manager allowing you to easily link mailing requests to multiple print orders.

It couldn’t be easier.