Frequently Asked Questions

Because Smart Track Pro™ is a mobile app for tracking packages, you are only a click away from knowing exactly what packages you have at any time.


Do your provide support?

Absolutely! Support for the STP mobile app is included with your annual software subscription. Support includes unlimited toll-free telephone support, 365/7/24 access to our online Knowledge Base of written “How-to” articles and training resources and secure access to our online Customer Support Portal.


How many Users can access STP at a time?

STP supports unlimited end Users and up to 7 concurrent Admin Users (Mail Room Staff and/or Couriers) and scanning from up to 5 devices. (Upgraded Licenses are available.)


How many packages can I process per day through STP?

STP is a mobile app designed for tracking packages and label printing. It can handle an unlimited volume of packages daily.


Can STP integrate with my employee and student directory?

STP integrates directly with your employee and student directories through an hourly data upload of Contact information through secure FTP. Single Sign On (SSO) is also available via SAML 2.0.


Is my student data secure with STP?

We highly regard the privacy and security of personally identifiable data. STP protects student and faculty data using the most advanced hardware, physical and network security tools and data security protocols available including continuous traffic monitoring, intrusion detection systems and cloud server redundancy. STP also uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) on all pages. This ensures all data and content is encrypted during transition from server to browser.


Does it include hardware?

Your STP Subscription includes all software and hosting. It does not include hardware for scanning packages or label printing. However, STP is compatible with standard computers and mobile/handheld devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod.


How much does STP cost?

STP is very affordable and is designed to fit within any budget. Contact our sales department at (888) 673-8424 ext. 238 for a customized Quote.


How long does it take to implement STP?

 The STP mobile app is very easy to implement and requires very little staff training for tracking packages and label printing. It can be up and running in as little as a few days.

Smart Track Pro™ is easy to implement, use and afford.

STP is all you need to manage your entire campus mailroom operation.
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