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Is it easy to use?

Yes, Design Conductor® is easy to learn and use. We are confident that customers will be able to login and begin creating documents from templates with little to no training. We are continually enhancing Design Conductor® to make it even easier to use while still keeping it the most powerful template solution on the market. Register for our Sandbox and try it out for yourself.

What does “locked down” mean?

Locked Down means your designs and critical brand elements are completely protected and cannot be altered in any way. Maintaining a consistent and powerful brand identity requires great attention be paid to granular details. With Design Conductor® your designs cannot be modified, logos cannot be stretched out of proportion or used incorrectly, colors won’t drift and incorrect fonts can’t be used. This helps ensure your brand is consistently presented in the most engaging and appropriate way possible at all times.

Do you provide support?

Yes. Unlimited toll-free telephone and online support is included with your annual subscription. In addition, Design Conductor® features a comprehensive online Knowledge Base of written “How-To” articles and video tutorials for customer self service as well as an online Customer Forum for all Users.

How many users can access the system at a time?

Your annual subscription includes unlimited user licenses at no additional cost.

Do users need design experience to use Design Conductor®?

Absolutely not! Design Conductor® is easy to learn and use. Templates can be modified quickly and easily by authorized users who have no design or programming experience.

Does Design Conductor® replace my design team?

Absolutely not! It is a tool that will help your design team keep all materials on brand by allowing them to design templates with critical brand elements locked down so ALL materials consistently adhere to brand guidelines. Your design team will love Design Conductor® because it eliminates “one-off” requests and frees up designers to focus on their mission of creating new and exciting marketing materials. 

Is Design Conductor® a design program?

While Design Conductor® includes tools to create designs, it is a template creation and management software solution.

Is Design Conductor® secure?

Absolutely. Design Conductor® is membership based with log-in security. It is fully hosted behind a secure socket layer (SSL).

Does Design Conductor® use AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human intelligence by computer systems. Design Conductor® uses AI to determine the best possible display of content and images based on user defined input.  It formats documents for the  user making it easy for non-designers to create documents that are print/publish ready.

How much does Design Conductor® Cost?

Design Conductor® is one of the most affordable template solutions on the market. Annual subscriptions start as low as $3,495.00.  Contact us today for a Quote and cost justification analysis.

How much storage space do I get and what if I need more?

You can store up to 10GB of data in Design Conductor® as part of your annual subscription. Additional storage is available upon request at a reasonable cost.

Can I make sure materials are approved before they go to print?

Absolutely! Design Conductor® includes the most sophisticated automated approval workflow tools that allow you to proof and approve documents before they are printed or published for public viewing.

Can images be stretched out of proportion?

No. Design Conductor® preserves your image aspect ratio and prevents images from being stretched out of proportion. It also allows you to establish a minimum and recommended PPI for all images to restrict low resolution images from being used in documents.

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