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Print Shop Pro® is designed specifically to meet the unique needs of in-plant print shops and copy centers. Addressing the entire workflow process including everything from automated order management, real-time quotes to live inventory tracking, PSP is easy to install, implement and use. In a short time your print shop can be fully automated and web enabled.

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Real Time Quotes

Utilize pick-lists of customers, papers and equipment to make entering new orders fast and simple. Provides instant quotes based upon your fixed costs for inventory, services and leased copier click charges. Immediately print, fax or email quotes to customers.

Distribution List Management

Our print shop software contains a component specially designed for in-plant shops to manage distribution lists. This allows for streamlined distribution to multiple sites and automatic creation of Avery formatted labels.

Manage Growth without Extra Staff

You can greatly reduce administrative time spent invoicing, checking inventory, scheduling and trying to get organized with our print shop software. Provide a better printing product at greater volume with full management and automation capabilities.

Automate Billing

Your print shop staff and accounting department can recapture time wasted on manual month-end reporting. With one click, comprehensive month-end reports can be created and delivered or exported to accounting.

Current Job Status

Identify the current status and location of any job in production in just a few clicks.

Accurate Scheduling

Provide accurate forecasts of job completion based upon actual availability of presses, copiers, collators, staff and other printing resources.

Forms Management

Our print shop software allows for separate management of forms with live inventory, back order fulfillment and online ordering.

Track Inventory

Allows you to track all inventory and measure shrinkage and spoilage with built-in alerts to prompt you to re-order when inventory levels have fallen below minimum levels.

Comprehensive Print Shop Auditing

Pull reports instantly to comprehensively audit your print shop. Evaluate equipment productivity and profitability. Identify production bottlenecks and strategically plan to maximize production. Use instant reports to track sales and inventory and take the guess work out of new equipment purchases.

Learn how edu Business Solutions can help you lower costs and improve productivity with our in-plant print MIS and Web-to-Print solutions and our powerful template creation software for printed documents and digital material.

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