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edu Business Solutions has the honor of serving organizations that make a tremendous impact on our society. Those who use our products shape the world that will be delivered to future generations. The work of colleges and universities, school districts, departments of transportation, cities, counties, medical centers, non-profits, major corporations and our national laboratories has a direct impact on people’s daily lives. It is our job to improve the work lives of the valuable staff members who keep these organizations alive.

One of the greatest threats to the culture of any large organization is staff fatigue and discouragement. When an organization does not or cannot allocate sufficient resources to the work required, workers begin to perceive that the job will never be done. Striving for excellence seems futile. No matter how hard they struggle, important tasks go unattended. Those who joined the organization because they believed in its vision and mission begin to question the organization’s sincerity. The best workers suffer the most when an organization gets stuck in old work processes that are outdated and outgrown. The feeling of overwhelm can leave even the best staff paralyzed and defeated.

Changing a work process can be a chore, but the reward is far greater than just the savings of time and money. The reward is hope. It is a staff who again believes that the organization’s mission is attainable. It is a worker who completes her day and knows that it was a day well spent with results to be proud of. It is a manager who can plan and execute based upon quick access to accurate information.

As we focus on improving work processes, we aspire to bring hope and excellence back to distressed organizations. We remember their mission. We value the work that our customers do. And we stand strong on our commitment to providing tools that help make their mission attainable once again.

– Mike Strand, President

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"The installation and training process went very well. edu Business Solutions worked closely with us to meet our timeline."

–Peseti Latu
Palo Alto Unified School District

"I had to share this with you. I just did my quarterly billing in 7 minutes, not 5 days!!!"

-Barry Haney
Manager - SUNY-Oneonta

"edu is a great company. I cannot say enough about how helpful they are and their willingness to make changes to the program to meet our needs."

-Tammy Slone
Manager of Postal & Print Services - Cedarville University

"Print Shop Pro has cut our billing time by 60%."

-Betty Ince
Manager – University of Texas Medical Branch

“Print Shop Pro® has made job submission an extremely easy function for our entire organization both on and off campus, and the month end billing is created for accounting by Print Shop Pro® Manager in minutes instead of hours. Everyone’s happy.”

-Jay Zink
Copy Services Manager – Grand Valley State University

“Just wanted to say….. I love this upgrade!!!”

-Dawn Keyes
Graphics Assistant – Ventura County Office Of Education

“The time savings for us equates to time the staff can spend doing other things and staff we don’t have to hire even though we are growing and have taken on 5 more schools on top of our existing 45.”

-Patrick Farrell
Publications Supervisor – Chula Vista Elementary School District

“Billing is simple!”

-Carolyn Ricks
Manager – Suffolk City Public Schools

“edu’s willingness and commitment to continually upgrade and enhance Print Shop Pro® has been constant over the years the district has been a customer.”

-Doug Darling
Production Manager Print and Design Services – Springfield Public Schools

“After 7 years, I’m still very happy with both the product and edu’s service.”

-John Heiser
Director of Graphic Design & Printing Services – Hudson Valley Community College

“Print Shop Pro® is very user friendly and geared toward the in-plant print office… it’s been a good fit for us!”

-Poppy Forbes
Print Shop Manager – Boulder County

“We are very happy with the latest upgrade of Print Shop Pro®. It is so much faster, and all our customers really love it.”

-Mark Wagner
Manager – Sierra College

“The training team was excellent and made it very easy for our customer service personnel to learn the new program.”

-Mike Alred
University of Wisconsin Eau Claire