Question: Is there a way to set up a report or notification when a paper stock is below our desired threshold?

Answer: Absolutely! Follow one of the options below to configure this notification. 

How to see the report or notification if a paper stock is below desired threshold – KB Article # 57693 

Option 1: 

  • Select the Dashboard Icon
  • Select the pink button “Check Stock Inventory (XX)

Option 2:

  • Go to Website > Stock > Stocks
  • Select the “Show Inventory Warning Only” button located in the top yellow section
  • Export Results

Option 3:

  • Go to Reports > Inventory – Stock > Reorder

Option 4: 


  • Select the Active Orders icon located in the top right. It’s next to the Dashboard Icon
  • Select Inventory > Print located in the left navigation
  • Select the Stock Inventory Warning Report button