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Our Seasonal Training Series is a great way to increase your proficiency with Design Conductor® (DC).  Join the community of DC Users and participate in online training to master template creation and management and protect your brand.

Training participants will enjoy the opportunity to network with  other DC Users, learn tips, tricks and system shortcuts, ask questions directly to the edu Customer Support and Development Teams, submit enhancement ideas, participate in live Q&A and become a DC Guru!

Seasonal online trainings are offered at no cost to all DC customers. Requests for specific training topics can be made directly to edu Support via the “Request Support” link in your DC website.

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Become a Design Conductor® Guru by participating in our
Seasonal Training Ser

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Design Conductor® is a web-based template creation and management solution. It puts you in control of how your images, graphics and messaging are used in printed and digital materials.

With Design Conductor® you can create an online library of pre-approved templates with essential brand elements locked down.

  • Logos are incorruptible
  • Colors and fonts are set in stone
  • Photos and images retain their aspect ratio
  • Messaging is consistent
  • The look and feel of ALL materials properly reflect your brand

We are an award winning San Diego based software company that develops simple and reliable software solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our customers include many of the nation’s most renowned organizations including colleges and universities, school districts, departments of transportation, cities, counties, medical centers, non-profits and major corporations.

Our focus since our inception in early 2002 has been to help companies maximize their resources by using our simple and reliable software solutions. We are dedicated to providing solutions that increase productivity, automate processes, ensure compliance, reduce costsimprove customer service and protect your brand.

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Design Conductor® is a product and registered trademark of edu Business Solutions.