TIP:  Accessibility of software products is critical to operations and to ensuring a positive user experience for all customers including those customers with disabilities.  Here is how to easily ensure web accessibility of your PSP website:   

NOTE: You must be on PSP v.17.0.0 or higher to use this feature 

How to ensure Web Accessibility for your PSP website – KB Article #51155 

 Please follow these steps to ensure optimum web accessibility compliance: 

  1. Turn off Captcha
    • Go to Administration > System Configuration
    • Locate the Registration section
    • Turn off Require Verification (reCAPTCHA)
  2. Home Page and Landing Pages 
    • Ask your Web administrator to evaluate the pages. Or use the WAVE evaluation tool to identify issues
  3. Set Bindery Choices for Accessibility Compliance
    • Go to Website > Owner Configuration
    • CTRL F “Show Bindery Choices on Order Form in Pop-up Window (for Accessibility Compliance)” 
    • Check the option
  4. Color Themes (Optional Module
    • Adjust colors to meet color contrast issues. (Use WAVE evaluation tool to test)
  5. Alternate Text for Images
    • Configure Alternate Text when using images on the home or landing page. (Use WAVE evaluation tool to test)
  6. NVDA Accessibility Instructions
    • There is a button labeled NVDA Accessibility Instructions on the My Orders page. This is provided as an option for users that require a text-to-speech application to navigate the PSP application