TIP: Print shop managers may wish to edit the “Stock Style Name” of a paper stock using a more user friendly naming convention to make ordering easier for customers.  Here is how to easily edit the name of a stock style in PSP. 

How to Edit Paper Stock Style: KB Article #52148

Edit the paper stock style

  1. Go to Website > Stocks > Stocks
  2. Select the Stock to be edited
  3. Select the EDIT button to the left of the STYLE field
  4. Edit the STYLE name (Enter your new style name)
  5. Select UPDATE at the bottom of the page

NOTE: You will also need to update the paper stock options configured in Finished Sizes as follows: 

  1. Go to Website > Finished Sizes
  2. Locate the finished size to update and select the Defaults link
  3. Select Stock, Style, Size, and Weight link
  4. Select the Remove link for the old paper style
  5. Select the new paper style from the drop-down list
  6. Select Add Stock Style button