TIP: If a User forgets their password and exceeds the allowed login attempts, you can reset their account easily using the following steps.


How to Resolve a User Lock Out—KB Article #22394

OPTION 1: Reset the User account.

  1. Go to Admin Website > User Management.
  2. Locate the User by name.
  3. Select the EDIT link under the Profile.
  4. Select UPDATEThis process will reset the User account.

OPTION 2: The User can wait 30 minutes. After 30 minutes the User will be able to login.

There is a login security control for maximum login attempts. This feature adds a layer of security for each User account. If you are not using the maximum login attempts feature and you wish to enable this, here is how to configure this:

  1. Go to Website > Owner Configuration.
  2. Enter CTRL F “Invalid Attempts“.
  3. Enter the number of invalid attempts before lockout.
  4. After the number of attempts has been reached the User will be locked out.