Reinforce Your Brand

Increase Print Shop Pro® User adoption with PSP Color Themes 

Capture Attention, Increase Brand Recognition & Create Customer Loyalty

Visual branding is the most effective way to capture attention, increase brand recognition and create customer loyalty . The particular color your organization uses in marketing was selected from hundreds of other shades and hues because it was the perfect choice.

Your colors appear on your logo, business cards, marketing materials and website. Your customers, employees, students and fans wear those colors with pride. Customize your Print Shop Pro® website with PSP Color Themes and reinforce your brand.


PSP Color Themes will enable you to match your PSP website colors to your organization’s corporate colors and brand.

  • Easily customize the colors, fonts and background of all customer-facing pages in PSP to match your exact brand colors.
  • Ensure a seamless User experience.
  • Reinforce your brand.
  • Instill pride.


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Reinforce your brand and ensure a seamless User experience with PSP Color Themes

Color Themes is the perfect solution to honor your brand and build customer loyalty.

A fully automated print MIS and web-to-print software solution designed to help in-plant print shops and copy centers manage daily print operations.


  • Reduce Costs
  • Improve Productivity
  • Enhance Customer Service