Print Shop Pro® Light Designed for small but mighty in-plants

Print Shop Pro® (PSP) Light Hosted will automate your entire printing operation and put the pulse of your print shop at your fingertips.

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PSP Light Hosted is a powerful Web-to-Print solution designed specifically for smaller in-plant print shops. It provides complete visibility into your operations and enables you to increase productivity, automate processes, reduce waste and costs and improve customer satisfaction.

PSP Light Hosted represents the easiest and most cost-effective path to automation for smaller in-plant print shops. It works with all types of equipment, including digital, offset, inkjet and large format from all manufacturers. It eliminates the need to purchase, maintain and upgrade expensive hardware or software and requires no IT involvement to install or manage. It is sure to meet your needs both functionally and financially.

For less than $300.00 per month (includes training and set up), you can:

  • Provide Online Ordering
    No more tracking emails or paper order forms
  • Automate Estimating
    No more spending valuable production time manually calculating job costs
  • Ensure Job Accuracy
    No more incorrect or incomplete orders
  • Automate Job Tracking
    No more lost orders
  • Automate Chargebacks
    No more spending hours processing month end chargeback reports

With PSP Light you’ll be able to:

  • Provide customers with easy online ordering of print and store items
  • Automate time consuming processes and streamline workflow
  • Ensure job accuracy and reduce costs and waste
  • Improve customer service and satisfaction
  • Enhance your shop’s image and reputation

Prior to implementing Print Shop Pro® jobs would come in via a phone call, email or paper requests. I was just bogged down in paperwork. At the end of each month I would spend at least 3-4 hours processing billing.  Now, all jobs come in through Print Shop Pro®. Orders come through accurately.  I don’t have to call the customer, the job isn’t held up and it’s just all around better. Customers really like it. End of month billing now takes me less than half the time using Print Shop Pro®.

Kerry Mehle

Moorpark College

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