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Graphic Design Manager

Graphic Design Manager automates the submission, management and fulfillment of graphic design orders saving the Graphic Design Department and Print Shop time and money.  Customers simply submit their requests for graphic design services online for events, brochures, flyers, promotional ads, posters, invitations and more.

Improve Operations and Increase Revenue

Online Order Entry

Graphic design customers can use a simple online order form to request graphic design services.  Based on the order type the system will display a graphic design order form specific to the order type selected for submission to your Graphic Design Department.  Graphic Design Manager ensures your Graphic Design Department receives all of the relevant information needed to fulfill graphic design services requests including event details, services requested, due dates and billing information.  Online order forms can be configured to meet your specific needs.

Comprehensive Dashboard

The graphic design team will have a configurable dashboard to track and manage order status for jobs in production.  Dashboard reports are available to track the number of graphic design jobs in production, job status, job assignments, turn around time and revenue details.

Automatic Billing

Comprehensive month-end chargeback reports can be easily created and delivered to the accounting department.

Customized Email Templates

Graphic Design Manager can be configured with automated email alerts that can be sent automatically to customers with updates on the status of their in production graphic design orders.  The graphic design team can communicate status changes to customers quickly and efficiently to notify customers of order receipt, orders in production, changes to delivery dates and order completed status.

Current Job Status

Graphic design customers can go online to check the real-time status of their jobs.  This helps to eliminate calls to your Graphic Design Department and allows your team to focus on production.

Seamless Link to Print Shop Pro®

Graphic Design Manager links seamlessly with Print Shop Pro®.  This allows the Graphic Design Team to quickly and easily link graphic design orders to print orders in Print Shop Pro®.

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