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Add-On Modules

Document Converter

Automatically convert files to print ready PDFs during the order process. Seamlessly convert file types including MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Publisher. The PDF is presented to the requester to proof and accept, then delivered with the order for printing.

Color Themes

Preserve your brand and generate customer loyalty. Easily customize the colors, fonts and backgrounds of all customer-facing pages in PSP to match the exact colors of your website.

Account Number Validator

Organizations that wish to allow customers to type in their account number (rather than select from a drop down list), can check the input value against the organization’s accounting system.

Directory Integration

Automatically authenticate users against your organization’s network directory. Choose either LDAP, CAS, ADFS or Shibboleth for open source single sign on across or within organizational boundaries. New users to PSP are automatically recognized and discontinued users no longer have online PSP access.

Delivery Tracker

Put an end to those mysterious and costly lost deliveries.  PSP Delivery Tracker provides print shop staff and customers with real time visibility into the delivery status of print and store orders.  Couriers simply scan out jobs for delivery using a QR Code Reader on a web enabled phone or mobile device.  Upon delivery the Courier will collect a digital signature and notes can be added as needed.

Template Builder

Customers can order business cards, letterhead and envelopes online. PSP Template Builder automatically populates a PDF template with the user’s typed-in values and displays a soft proof. Once approved, the values are stored on a print-ready PDF and saved with the order.

Credit Card Processor

Allows customers to use various credit cards including VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB.

Barcode Tracking

Full integration with PSP Manager to support utilizing a USB bar code scanning device to move print jobs through stages of the configurable workflow process. Job status is changed automatically by scanning the print order job ticket. You may also use your bar code scanner to receive store products into inventory.

Fleet Billing

Manage your copier fleet billing within PSP. Just add each of your devices into PSP and create your pricing profiles for each device, including monthly base cost and black and color click prices for 8.5 X 11, 8.5 X 14 and 11 X 17. Each month, upload the click counts for each device and the billing will be calculated and prepared for export automatically.

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