How Alan Hancock College is Adapting in the Face of COVID-19

Like many colleges, the COVID 19 pandemic has had an adverse effect on Allan Hancock College Campus Graphics. What was looking to be a banner year for our sales (chargeback budget, insourcing, etc) ended with us barely making our obligation to the College.  All things considered, this was actually a pleasant surprise.

The transition to remote working was definitely strange and challenging.  We currently have a hybrid schedule where some staff members work in the department according to social distancing guidelines while others are working completely remote. While not the easiest transition, it would not have been possible without Print Shop Pro®. Having an already established online ordering system that can be accessed remotely was key to our department remaining functional during this time. As we move closer to reopening (currently there are no set dates) utilizing PSP to it’s fullest will be a big part of our recovery strategy.  Whether adding/expanding services, adding template items, etc., it will all start in PSP.

There has been a drastic drop off in department printing due to the vast majority of classes moving to an online platform.  This has led us to look closer at our services and identify areas that we can expand.  For example, we are looking at wide format printing, VDP and bulk mailing, engraving and template-based point of sale items like a graduation poster for the outgoing students.  The College is also offering printing, free of charge, to our students for all classroom materials for the duration of remote learning resulting in an increase in student printing and especially color printing.

Wide format continues to grow, especially during this time.  We expanded this area to include vinyl floor decals and prints, car wraps, window vinyl/one-way media prints, and car magnets. During the lock down, variable data mailing has also been a popular service for both the College and in-sourcing customers who are hosting virtual events where participants need physical copies of materials. In addition to these services, we are also exploring printing more for other schools in the area, specifically K-12s, where the online transition has been much harder and physical copies of materials has been deemed essential for learning.  We will continue to evolve and look for new ways to operate and new services we can offer to ensure the success of our operations.

Alan Hancock College also welcomes other PSP Users to share how they are adapting operations in the face of COVID-19.

– Robert Nourse, Coordinator, Campus Graphics