FAQ: I am in the process of adding wide format printing, and I need to be able to allow Users to select “Grommets” for banner orders.  How can I set this up in PSP?

Answer: Grommets are a common option for banners. The following works well for allowing customers to choose the appropriate selection for Grommets based upon the banner size selected:

  1. Select WebsiteBindery
  2. Select “Add New Finishing Choice
  3. Create the Grommet options in Bindery. e.g. Grommets (2), Grommets (4), Grommets (6), etc.
  4. Price Per Bindery > Enter the TOTAL cost
  5. Select the appropriate Bindery Options within the Defaults for the Finished Size that is valid for the Size selected
  6. In the Custom Size section, enter all options you want Users to be able to choose