Question: I want to assign and route jobs to staff (e.g. graphic design, bindery, etc.). How can I do this is Print Shop Pro®?

Answer: You can easily achieve your goal of assigning staff to specific team members in Print Shop Pro which allows you to better manage production.  Your two options for configuring this are as follows:


How to assign jobs to staff—KB Article #25570

Create an order STATUS unique to your staff

  1. Go to Website > Statuses.
  2. Select Add New Status.
  3. Create a name unique to the employee (e.g., In Production – John Jones).

Assign the employee as the Assigned/Designer within the order.

  1. Go to Website > Contact.
  2. Locate and select their name.
  3. Select the optionAssigned/Designer.
  4. Assign the appropriate staff member to the order.

Either configuration option will allow you to assign and view jobs by employee via the Active Orders dashboard

  • Select the Active Orders dashboard icon in upper right corner of the Admin page.
  • Select $ Sales > Print > $ By Staff