Keeping your Brand, Image, and Message in Perfect Harmony

Protect Your Brand

Ensure all documents meet your organization’s publication standards and style guide.

Design Conductor®

A web based template library for complete protection of your visual brand identity and printed materials like brochures, newsletters, invitations, post cards and posters. It puts document generation in the hands of authorized staff members without jeopardizing the integrity of your brand.

Authorized staff members with no graphic design experience or programming skills will be able to modify documents and flyers your design team has created and made available as templates with our visual brand identity protection software.


1  Choose the template you wish to use

2  Click on the template to enter text or insert images

3  View a watermarked PDF

4  Submit for approval and printing

Fits content to available space


Crops and expands images

Preserves image aspect ratio

Applies custom borders and backgrounds

Wraps text around images

Creates a print-ready PDF including crop marks and imposition

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