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edu Business Solutions is an award winning San Diego based software company that develops software solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our customers include universities, school districts, cities, counties, medical centers, non-profit organizations, and major corporations nationwide.

Our focus since our inception in early 2002 has been to help companies maximize their resources by using our simple and reliable software solutions. These solutions help organizations increase productivity, automate processes, ensure compliance, reduce costs and improve customer service.

Design Conductor™ began as an offshoot of Print Shop Pro®, our print shop management solution. It was designed to help our customers keep control of how their images, graphics and messaging were being used. It has grown into the best web-based template library for printed materials on the market today.

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Learn how edu Business Solutions can help you lower costs and improve productivity with our in-plant print MIS and Web-to-Print solutions and our powerful template creation software for printed documents and digital material.

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