Keeping your brand, image and message in perfect harmony.

Design Conductor®  is a web-based template solution that puts you in control of how images, graphics and messaging are used in printed and digital materials.

Save time

Focus valuable creative resources designing new and exciting marketing materials, instead of doing data entry or modifying the same documents over and over with new content.

No more “bad” graphics

Give your team access to a template library of designs you have created and approved. You can rest easy knowing your team’s using the right quality images, your logo won’t be distorted and your messaging is accurate. A built-in approval process allows you to review documents before they are printed.

See for yourself

See how Design Conductor® protects your brand while you focus on your job of creating new and exciting marketing materials.

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Protect your brand

Authorized staff members access pre-approved templates on-demand to create professional looking materials.

This ensures

  • logos are not distorted
  • images maintain their aspect ratio
  • colors are true and accurate
  • and the look and feel are always consistent.

Maintain your corporate image

Pre-approved templates ensure posters, postcards, flyers, invitations, web banners, email graphics—even brochures and newsletters—are consistent with the corporate image you’ve worked so hard to create.

Control your message

Create templates with pertinent information “locked down.” Only the areas you have designated will be available for customization. This ensures your message remains clear, concise, accurate and consistent.