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Design Conductor® is a web-based template solution that puts you in control of how images, graphics and messaging are used in printed and digital materials.

Save time

Focus valuable creative resources designing new and exciting marketing materials, instead of doing data entry or modifying the same documents over and over with new content.

No more "bad" graphics

Give staff access to a template library you have created. You can rest easily knowing everyone is using the right quality images, your logo won’t be distorted and your messaging is accurate. A built-in approval process allows you to review documents before they are printed.

Your designs reproduced perfectly, saving you valuable design hours and money.


Protect Your Brand

You have put stringent rules around the use of your logo, slogans, taglines, website, signage, promotional materials, and even your packaging. Without proper care, your brand could be damaged by publishing materials that do not meet your publication standards. Poor quality images, distorted logos, incorrect color themes, and misinformation can damage your brand in an instant.

Design Conductor® is a marketing design management software tool can help you protect your brand by ensuring all printed materials meet your publication standards. Pre-approved custom templates can be made available to staff members to ensure the proper usage of all marketing information. It can help ensure everyone is using the same color scheme, placing the logo in the correct place and that the look and feel are always constant. The more recognizable and consistent your brand the greater its value.


Maintain Your Corporate Image

Your corporate image or “identity” is created by the many impressions you leave on your customers, stakeholders, alumni, vendors, employees and the general public. How you present yourself through your marketing materials can have a huge impact on whether or not you are viewed favorably. It is vital that the materials you put forward are in concert with the image you have worked so hard to create.

Design Conductor® can help maintain your corporate image with our marketing design management tool by ensuring that the materials that reach your audience such as surveys, sponsor letters, newsletters, brochures, posters and invitations are consistent with your corporate image. By creating pre-approved templates, employees cannot inadvertently use the wrong logo, obsolete tagline or incorrect contact information.


Control your message

It is imperative that the message be communicated in the way it was intended so that it can be easily understood by your audience. One omitted word or one too many commas can change the entire meaning. Ensuring that everyone in the organization conveys the message in exactly the same way can be challenging, if not down right impossible.

With the Design Conductor®, you can control your written message with a template creator, ensuring that pertinent information is “locked down.” Only the areas you have designated will be available for customization. This ensures the message remains clear, concise, accurate and consistent.

See for Yourself

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