Question: What do a retail worker, food service worker, custodial worker and district worker all have in common?

Answer: They make up the incredible team of women that currently run the Print Services Department for Campbell County School District #1 located in Gillette, Wyoming.

Campbell County School District #1 (CCSD) serves all of Campbell County, a geographic area of about 4,800 square miles.  It is the third largest school district in the state of Wyoming employing approximately 1,800 employees.  CCSD oversees 24 K-12 schools and supports approximately 8,750 students each year.

During an online meeting with Jessica Pilcher, Printing Department Lead and team members Carla Hutton, Kristal Hedlund and Anita Deaton, we got to hear how the team strategized to streamline their operations with Print Shop Pro® (PSP) Print MIS and W2P.  The group also shared a story about how they got creative during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic to support the district’s Adaptive Learning Program.

The district made the decision to move forward with PSP in the Spring of 2009. Jessica recalled, “Before we had PSP we used an old AS400 system. The problem was it was outdated and didn’t give us the control we needed to run operations efficiently.  We wanted to make things easier for customers and to do a better job of marketing our services and so we began looking for a solution.”

In evaluating potential solutions for the department the CCSD team really liked the online ordering capability and online storefront in PSP. Jessica explained, “We were asking ourselves how we can make things easier for customers? And, we found the answer in PSP. Many district employees didn’t know the district even had a printshop. We liked the customizable Homepage to promote our services and store products directly to customers and to be more visible to our customers. We also REALLY liked how easy PSP made it for customers to place orders. It literally walked them through the entire process.”

Today CCSD processes between 75–150 print jobs per day and offers over 200 items on their online store making it easy for customers to place orders. The team shared, “Our customers are teachers and department administrative assistants. They need things to be easy. With PSP they can go online from their desks and order printing a lot faster and easier. We also noticed that orders have far fewer mistakes and the PSP file attachment process allows us to receive original files and produce materials with better quality than receiving an email or copied file.”

CCSD prints handbooks, worksheets, planners, posters and signage and decals for their classrooms, parking structure and special events.  Jessica said, “PSP allows us to easily pinpoint what customers are ordering and better meet customer needs.”

When asked about a favorite feature of PSP all four ladies unanimously agreed that they “love” the PSP online store. Carla elaborated, “Our customers love the convenience of the PSP online store and its ease of use. They can easily upload their originals and place an order in a few clicks then see the status of the job at any time. It’s great!”

Like many organizations CCSD was greatly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. With the help of PSP, the CCSD print services team found a creative way to keep district employees working and to provide next level support to students. “We decided to allow teachers to place orders weekly for student materials through PSP. Then, our bus drivers were able to use district school buses to deliver materials to the front doors of at-risk students to ensure students had the materials they needed for distance learning success. And, we were able to track all jobs through PSP.”

CCSD’s Facebook page reads: “Not only did they (CCSD Print) get orders printed for our district schools, but their shop was the delivery hub for the buses!” Thank you ladies!

By the numbers to date:
768 orders printed and sent home to students, resulting in 14,750 home deliveries
59,000 food prep instructions printed for Nutrition Services
2,667 Yearbooks printed

Jessica said, “We wouldn’t have been able to do this without PSP!”

In their spare time the team collectively enjoys activities like quilting, camping, four-wheeling, spending time with family, kayaking, crafting and playing cricket.

Check out the  pictures below to see their operation.