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Gayle Robinson, CGCM, FCP, is the Print Shop Production Manager for Tanner Health System, a nonprofit regional health system serving a nine-county area of west Georgia and east Alabama. Tanner’s medical staff is comprised of more than 300 physicians representing 34 unique medical specialties. She has been with the organization and print department for nearly 10 years.

Gayle has a background in graphic design, printing and photography. She was born and raised in the local area and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications from the University of West Georgia. She is a Certified Graphics Communications Manager as well as a Fiery Certified Professional. She joined the In-Plant Printing and Mailing Association in 2013.

Gayle manages the day-to-day operations of the in-plant print shop, as well as operating equipment on the shop floor. The print shop has a staff of two, Gayle and her press operator, Lee. They both have over 29 years of experience. Their shop serves Tanner’s four hospitals, 30 health system-owned physician practices and more than 2,900 employees.

Recently, they have seen a big shift to color printing for marketing documents such as brochures, flyers, educational booklets and thank you cards. Since the state mandated the use of electronic forms, they no longer print forms for the nursing floors, however, they do print a lot of Imaging Outpatient Servicing Order forms. These referral forms are used between physician offices and the hospitals.

Gayle said that all is going great with their Print Shop Pro® system, and everyone likes it. She has gotten extremely positive feedback from customers, many saying “I love this!” Customers especially like the email confirmation that lets them know their print requests have been received, and the automated email notification when their jobs are completed.

When evaluating print management software solutions, Tanner had a couple key factors in choosing a system. They wanted a system that would be easy for their customers to use. They also needed a system that provided extensive configurability to support their specific process. And, it was very important to the print shop staff that they provide their customer with a “customized” feel by department or facility.

Gayle is looking forward to having a full year of data in this new fiscal year that started July 1st. She wants to provide complete and accurate order and sales information to her Directors next year at budget preparation time. In the past she had to look through 365 days of job logs to compile the information. “Having that information readily available in a report format will be a huge time saver for me,” said Gayle.

We asked Gayle to tell us something interesting about herself. She shared with us that when she was a teenager, there was a right of passage tradition in her hometown. You had to visit the haunted grave site of Mahaley Lancaster, a local fortune teller that helped the authorities locate the remains of a murdered man which led to a conviction. They made a movie based on this true story called Murder in Coweta County that starred Johnny Cash and Andy Griffith. She also shared that when she was a child she visited the Carrollton, Georgia home of Susan Hayward. Gayle’s mother was doing some upholstery work for the Oscar-winning actress.

One of Gayle’s future goals is to be a volunteer to
help protect and escort baby sea turtles to the beach on Tybee Island, located near Savannah. The Tybee Sea Turtle Project protects the beaches that are important nesting areas for endangered sea turtles. This sounds like a pretty good goal to all of us here at edu.

Gayle has not attended an annual Print Shop Pro® User Group Meeting yet, but is definitely going to make an attempt to join us in the future.

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You’re invited to our webinar to learn more.